The lamestream media must be entering brain spasm upon seeing this wonderful American lady.  They are hooked on visual stereotypes, and their small brains will see her in a grainy black and white photo, fleeing from Lt. Calley at My Lai, screaming in fear of the Evil American Soldier.

And here she is SUPPORTING them.  Scratch one photo op.
After the rally was over, the You Don't Speak for Me caravan was to head out to Camp Cindy to fulfill the wishes of these families, removing the crosses with these names on them from the Camp Cynical faux cemetery.

(UPDATE) we had to leave, but now we've heard that police did not allow the crosses to be removed but did permit the families to remove the name-labels from them.  Sensible and satisfactory.

We had to respect all the people who were even older and fatter than we were and still came to suffer in the heat to support the military and our president.

Okay, not many were fatter.  But one 80 year old with nasal tubes and an oxygen tank showed up flying his Marine flag from his pickup.  His name was Crawford, and the town was named for a relative of his.  And he stayed out there for several hours.  Tough old dude.

Marines are like that.
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