This sign was on a trailer abandoned in a dirt parking lot in the middle of town.  I guess there weren't enough TV network vans around to justify the effort of hooking up these little trailers and trying to get them on the evening news.

And THAT is because, in spite of a good 4,000 people gathering in Crawford,
all the network vans were out at Camp Cindy, covering about 40 people.
Yes, we were attacked by "Al Queda" (Mexican branch of Al Qaeda, perhaps?).  But the hunt is still on, under incredibly difficult geographical and geopolitical circumstances, and I have faith that our military and our spies will eventually bring him in or vaporize him.  It's not over, as the context here suggests.  And the "paying attention" part is so far out of context it might as well not be in English.

"al Qaeda and Iraq were enemies, Iraq was no threat"      That explains why the '93 WTC bombers fled to Baghdad.  They wanted to fight Saddam.   It's all so clear to me now....   

"Bush invaded Iraq against best military advice."     Those French generals really know their stuff.....

"World and Arab sympathy has turned... strongly Against Bush and his policies"  The Arab world was already roasting Bush in effigy back when the Jew-loving Dubya was favoring Israel pre-9/11.  And some Arab countries are now polling BETTER for Bush and his policies, among them Lebanon, Egypt and of course 20 million free Iraqis.

And as for "
world sympathy", who gives a flying french fry about THAT?

According to recent report by... Intelligence...  America is not safer today because of Bush's mistakes." Since when did leftists start trusting and believing intelligence people?   And  I'd venture to say our relative lack of safety can pretty much  be laid at the feet of a bunch of PSYCHOTIC MASS MURDERERS.

BTW, note the bottom of that sign, an encouragement to VOTE VOTE VOTE.  This is a mouldy old 2004 election sign.

Worked great, didn't it!  Heh.... 
I apologize to the entire conservative movement for what I couldn't help shouting at this hapless carload of liberals.  It had something to do with a chicken foot.
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